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Parent helping student with schoolwork.
A traditional learning environment isn’t for everyone. Patricia Carey knew her high school-aged students needed a flexible education option. With her students, she made the decision to enroll them in Penn Foster’s online High School Diploma program. Here’s how Penn Foster helped them.
Boy studying by chalkboard wall.
As many traditional high schools struggle with how to best handle the start of a new academic year in the middle of a pandemic, parents and students are considering alternative education options like homeschooling or online school. While researching all your available options, you may be wondering: is homeschool the same as online school? Here’s what you should know about the similarities and differences to help you decide what your best option is for this school year.
girl working at laptop.
Charter schools have gained a lot of attention in national news, but many find defining what they truly are a little complicated. While determining what kind of education is best for your child can feel like a daunting task, we did some research for you so you better understand what a charter school is, and where Penn Foster sits as a type of school option.
Man and boy at computer.
Learning in a traditional brick-and-mortar school isn’t always for everyone. You may want your child learning from home, but aren’t sure how to effectively do this. The idea of suddenly taking on the role of teacher can be intimidating for parents who are already overstretched and have no experience or background in education. Penn Foster offers affordable, flexible options that eliminate the need for you to be your child’s teacher.
woman putting on face mask.
A global pandemic. The “new normal.” “These uncertain times.” However we’d like to frame it, one thing is for sure: Outside of a handful of experts, most of us didn’t plan for this, and all of us are learning what to do next as we go. If you’re struggling to decide what’s best for your child before back-to-school season starts, we have options that can make your choice easier.

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